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about me


  • name: Scott
  • age: 27
  • birthday: May 7
  • zodiac: Taurus
  • single or taken: single
  • height: 5’9”
  • eye color: blue
  • middle name: Turner
  • favorite color: Yellow
  • lucky number: 56
  • hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
  • favorite fictional character: John Egbert, cause he’s me.
  • favorite television show: Game of Thrones
  • favorite season: 3 but 4 has had a lot of gems.
  • describe yourself in a few words: Open and enthusiastic to learning for the rest of my life cause I don’t know squat
  • future children’s names: I like the name Henry. Haven’t really thought of girl names.
  • meaning of your name: ”Gaelic Speaker”, which I am not. XD
  • ultimate otp: 
    John/Roxy from Homestuck
  • what do you plan to/do for a living: Write novels, if I can swing it.
  • starbucks order: uuhhhhhhhhhhh. don’t really go there?


  • introvert or extrovert: introvert
  • dawn or dusk: dusk
  • righty or lefty: righty
  • coffee or tea: neither?
  • rain or shine: shine
  • reading or writing: reading, I suppose.
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My icon is also the expression that I permanently have on my face.

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Sometimes, I see a post on tumblr about a Game of Thrones character that I know is going to die, and I want to make a joke about that playing off said post, but that’s like double fold dickishness and I’m not that kinda guy. What I need is a friend who knows all the spoilers too that I can tell these jokes to.

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you know how you say words so many times and they lose their meaning? that’s how I feel about the words “trauma” and “trigger” right now.

Putting this on the reg blog because it’s useful info

These are all very important and valid points and I do not detract away from any single one of them. However, I do think that legitimate Phobia-based triggers are not nearly spoken about enough or given the awareness they deserve by much of Tumblr. Phobia-based triggers go far beyond “mildly” uncomfortable and yet anyone could have them, not just people with PTSD and/or serious mental illnesses. Phobia-based triggers can and do send people into a state of distress to the point of serious panic attacks.

Phobia-based trigger WARNINGS are very important because, with time and hard work, many phobias can be lessened or even reversed. My personal phobia of nosebleeds is definitely a lot less strong than roughly a year ago, but I still need trigger warnings for it. This is because while I have come very far and worked hard and seriously to correct and overcome my phobia, the road ahead is still very long and a bad day here or there can undo a lot of that hard work.

Asking to have a safe space from my phobia in the form of Tumblr is not an unreasonable request, and it makes the work toward progress to overcoming my phobia infinitely easier. For my phobia specifically, we live in a society that uses nosebleeds in media so often that most people are so desensitized to them, that they rarely even notice them unless you specifically point them out. So many television shows and movies use nosebleeds as a standard plot device that they frequently appear in pictures and gifs on Tumblr, largely without tags because of that aforementioned desensitization.

And mine is just one of many phobias that I KNOW many Tumblr users have that legitimately affect their day to day lives, making it that much harder to overcome.

Phobia-based trigger warnings are very important because they help us TO overcome in the long run. I am not running away from my problem by asking for nosebleed tags. I am actively fighting my situation by doing so.

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04/22/14 Davis, California

Uknown name.

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I’ve been playing pokemon

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John Egbert times three

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What 3 fictional characters do you most associate me with?

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Earth Day + Tumblr + Hank Green + PS + Me


Earth Day + Tumblr + Hank Green + PS + Me

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